Yammer Scores $25 Bazillion Dollars

Both CMSWire and TechCrunch broke news today that Yammer, the enterprise social platform, has received $25 Million in additional funding, presumably to take over the world. Why else would you need so much money. That aside, what was really interesting to me was who Yammer thinks its competition is.

CMSWire reported Yammer’s CEO,  David Sacks, as saying “The fact that Salesforce has to copy Yammer even though it has 2,000 sales reps is like Goliath dropping his sword and armor and chasing after David with a sling-shot,” said  of Yammer. “This funding will make sure they don’t catch up to us.”

Right. Its some ego to suggest that chatter is a copy of Yammer. Chatter is an obvious social capability added to an already robust and purpose-driven application. Yammer is social activity with no context. No purpose.

What’s most surprising is that Yammer didn’t start it. Salesforce did, or at least a Salesforce investor,  according to CMSWire.

“In any case, the competition is taking notice. Emergence Capital partner and investor in both Yammer and Salesforce, Kevin Spain, called on the CRM company to offer Chatter (another honorable mention) for free in order to successfully compete with Yammer.

So both companies are thinking about each other. It makes me wonder if Salesforce is working on a broader social engine and if Yammer is working on a more targeted CRM platform.

One thing is for sure, this space is hot, and can’t wait to be a part of it.


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