Twitter ends white-listing. Becomes greedy fiefdom

In a move that makes perfect sense (if you’re evil) Twitter has ended white-listing of applications. To those who don’t know what white-listing is, Twitter has an API that allows developers like me to make more requests than allowed by default. Say 20,000 verses 75 an hour. Twitter implemented rate limits as a way to stay on top of it’s massive scalability issues, but for data hungry applications such as those that analyze large sets of tweets to draw trends will no longer be able to do this for free. Instead, these applications will need to pay for data.

While this may not sound evil outright, twitter knows what the net affect of this move will be. No more competition from scrappy little startups who provide better applications and value than twitter can itself. This gives twitter some room to breathe while it sorts out it’s own revenue model. You can read more about this move and how’s bad for business here:


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