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The future of Windows dev is here?

In a recent post I surmised that based on lots of sorted news about Windows 8 and Office that Microsoft was a paying a lot more than lip service to the HTML5/javascript future of the web. Later I talked about … Continue reading

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The SharePoint UX. Was: The Ultimate SharePoint Killer

As promised, I wanted to follow up to my post about what will kill SharePoint, but then I noticed this blog post which seemed to parallel my own thoughts. Here’s what I wrote about UX…. SharePoint is ripe for disruption. It’s a … Continue reading

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Why Silverlight Ambiguity is a Bad thing for Office 365

In my post yesterday on next generation SharePoint speculation, I surmised that Silverlight is beginning to look a lot like Microsoft’s ginger-headed stepchild. (yes, I went there) I’m definitely not the 1st or most pessimistic person to talk about the … Continue reading

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Next Generation SharePoint, now with HTML and Javascript!

The perennial Microsoft news breaker Mary-Jo Foley has an eye on all things Microsoft and has interpreted through job postings that the next generation of Office will not only support HTML5, but there will be some sort of design application for … Continue reading

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SharePoint: Rumors of My Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated

A provocative post over on the bamboo solutions company blog suggests that SharePoint is going away. As someone who’s called the end of Microsoft Office and even the end of the Document as we know it I’m obviously an authority … Continue reading

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