The future of Windows dev is here?

In a recent post I surmised that based on lots of sorted news about Windows 8 and Office that Microsoft was a paying a lot more than lip service to the HTML5/javascript future of the web. Later I talked about how Silverlight ambiguity was a bad thing for SharePoint online development. In both posts I hinted that this was ultimately a good thing due to potential for better cross-platform compatibility and that while throwing away years of .Net dev sounded horrible, it was ultimately the right thing to do.

Since my last post a few things have changed. Our product company, (hint: SnapWorkSocial), decided to pursue Silverlight over HTML/javascript due to a number of things including a better Office 365 story and I’ve been busy refactoring ever since. During this process I’ve fallen even more in love with Silverlight. If there was ever a beautiful programming language it’s XAML (the core of Silverlight and WPF) and I just love the flexibility and power behind this simple XML based language. Months of dev on SharePoint using ASP.Net/C#/HTML/Javascript have been ported to XAML and improved in just a couple of weeks. It’s sad to think that in a couple of years we’ll have to switch back due to Silverlight deprecation. Or will we?

The techcrunch blog is a fav or mine and I follow it religiously. However, unlike most of their readers I’m not building a startup on the back of some open-source framework. If Microsoft ever get’s mentioned over there it’s usually in a not so flattering light. So imagine my surprise to see this exciting post about Jupiter. It states that Jupiter is not the departure from .Net many imagined, but a way to build HTML compatible apps on Windows, Phone, and presumably Office using the XAML and C# I know and love. I don’t know if it’s true but if it is what a great turn of events!

I guess a lot remains to be seen and those lucky enough to have their golden ticket to the sold-out Build conference will likely get the 1st look. I will be closely monitoring twitter and other channels for any glimmers of hope.


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